Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily Tea for School Days

Not to blather on with platitudes, but can you believe summer's almost over? School, for some, has either already begun or is rapidly approaching. And as kids grumpily ready themselves for another academic year, parents brace themselves for the dressing wars that come with it.

You know, the "what am I going to wear today" dilemma. It's more common in girls than boys, but it does cross gender lines. And it's a grand pain in the neck at 7am. Short of a uniform (lucky, lucky, lucky), there's not much you can do, but these Daily Tea Sets might help you out. Each set through kid's clothing line Tea Collection contains a number of interchangeable pieces, all of which are age appropriate, arty, stylish, and durable. Take the Zora 5-piece set pictured at right: three tops, two bottoms, all coordinated, and no way to mess up and look like a clown. The sets range from between five and seven pieces, and between about $95-$145. Sound like a lot? It's not really. The Gap costs about as much, for poor quality stuff that's not nearly as cute. Plus, Tea takes all the guesswork out of dressing for school. I'd pay just about any price for that.

Check out all the Daily Tea Sets at Tea Collection. You'll be so at ease in the morning, and your kids will look so great, you'll want a congratulatory cup of tea for yourself.

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