Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Triple Axel Baby

There's a whole world of baby gifts out there, and the Toad's sure that your soon-to-burst friends have already registered for most of them. But I seriously doubt that she's registered for these.

I mean, are these cute, or what? Handcrafted, hand knit, perfect little baby booties in the shape of ice skates. They're so twee and adorable, they even make a cold amphibious heart like mine melt into a puddle of sentimental baby goo. I mean, just think how endearing a baby would be, all bundled up in some down onesie on a frigid midwestern winter morning, sporting these teeny toastie booties. Shown in the girl's model, they come in a very very macho blue color scheme for boys. And they're made to order, so be sure to put in your gift request about 3-4 weeks before the shower date or due date.

As far as price goes, these aren't socks. They're $40 a pair. But they'll definitely rate as one of the best and cutest gifts baby will receive. Check them out at Mahar Drygoods. And give all those shower registry items the boot.