Monday, December 14, 2009

Local Grub

SOS. Sometimes you just want to send someone food. Especially if the giftee lives in the frozen tundra that's most of the rest of the country, and there's not a healthy living thing for hundreds of miles around. And I'm not counting all the sweaty bodies locked up in the house together, Donner Party style, as healthy living things, either.

Now you can ship local grub from your locality, supporting your local economy, or local goods from the giftee's local economy. Local Harvest is a web site that helps you source produce and other goods by region, and then ship it to whomever you wish. That means your scurvy ridden Chicago relatives can get the Christmas bonus of a crate of Meyer lemons from California. There's tons of store categories, so you're sure to find a food specific gift for anyone, from organic honey to local chocolate to boxwood wreathes. Just click the link and send away, knowing you're supporting a local delicious endeavor with every purchase.

Explore all the local grub choices at And give them lemons to make lemonade in December.

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