Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeling Prickly

No porcupines were harmed in the making of this necklace.
I'm sure that, now that Valentine's Day is behind us, all of you have everything you could possibly desire. No? Not so? Need a pick me up to express your longing and dissatisfaction? How about this Double Porcupine necklace?

Yes, this necklace runs counter to the sparkly star I just gave away yesterday. This limited edition (I'll get to that part) necklace from K/ller Collection features both a real porcupine quill and a cast brass one, riding tandem on a patinaed chain. The whole piece is easy to wear, slightly punk, yet slightly disco. It'll go with just about anything that's not too ladylike (and I'm sure you're not in the mood for any of that nonsense, anyway). Here's the best part: there's only 50 of these necklaces, so you're virtually guaranteed to be the only one you know sporting it. The wonderful site Of A Kind features only limited edition pieces from independent designers. They're listed until they sell out, and then that's it. For arty, cutting edge gifts, Of A Kind is a fabulous source.

Find this prickly pendant (for $125) at Of A Kind.

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