Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marni At H&M: Boxy Ill-Fitting Clothing is Finally Affordable!

Look, it's the female duck, camouflaged to hide in the dying reeds. Oh, wait, it's Marni for H&M.! My bad.
Forgive me if I vent a bit about this premium fashion designer for the masses trend. It is stuff and nonsense, simply another publicity opportunity and a chance to crowd crush a few shoppers trying to make a buck by turning the goods around on Ebay.

Take Marni at H&M, the latest in high/low fashion collaboration. Marni has always been a sort of high fashion conundrum for me. The brand seems to want to appeal to the young, yet it dresses everyone in highly un-sex me now schmatte. With the exception of Marni shoes, I've never found anything even remotely flattering. The skirts are too long, the necklines too high, the patterns clash unpleasantly and everyone looks like a bag lady. It is fashion for fashion's sake. I mean, just look at that poor model above: if she can't pull it off, what makes you think you can do it?

And now it's being cheaply produced by H&M. But don't think for a moment that, even though it lists as affordable, you'll be able to get your hands on it. You won't. Because it's gone. Yes, large crowds of people waited with color coded wristbands for a chance to snag cheaply made facsimiles of virtually unwearable fashion. Now it's gone from the chaotic aisles of H&M, smelling of perfume and rage sweat, and will appear on Ebay at prices marked waaaaay the hell up. There's nothing like capitalism at work.

You can read the blow by blow accounts of attempting access to the goods at LA Racked. It makes for amusing reading, and is probably the closest you want to get to this latest fashion extravaganza.

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Christina Simon said...

I've seen this high end designer tries to make affordable stuff and it just seems like they miss the mark.