Thursday, May 17, 2012

A New Light from Ylighting

Calm your abduction fears! It's only a Nelson light fixture.
One of the hardest things about moving (especially downsizing, as Ms. Toad and her husband, Mr. Crab, have done), is ruthlessly editing your stuff. Because, even if you're moving to a bigger space, much of your old stuff will simply not work, thus you must dispose of it before the movers haul it all over to the new place.

We spend weeks literally throwing unwanted possessions out the front door. We Craigslisted, My Favorite Thinged, and Good Willed a damn moving van full of stuff. And yet, we still have too much of some things and are pitifully short on others. Take the lighting, for instance. Our old lighting matched, more or less, our old spanish house. This means that in our new smaller modernist house the lighting is ridiculous (it doesn't help anything that the previous owner had a penchant for Ikea paper lanterns filled with blue lightbulbs. Groovy).

Enter Ylighting, a modernist lighting site with a comprehensive selection, super reasonable prices and fast shipping. As a fan of Nelson lights (they look insubstantial, but last forever and resemble UFOs), I discovered Ylighting has a vast selection. While I could hop over to Modernica on Beverly Blvd. and buy them, I only possess a Mini, so transport is a huge issue (for those of you with SUVs, please do shop your Nelson locally). Ylighting has solved this dilemma for me. Hooray!

Check out the amazing assortment of lights (Artemide, Flos, and Kartell, among many others) at It'll shine a lovely light on your decorating dilemmas.

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