Friday, December 14, 2012

Birchbox is Beauty that Keeps on Giving

It could be shampoo, or lip gloss, or the greatest moisturizer ever. Order and find out!
Time's ticking away here, and you're getting down to the gifting wire. Between the crowds, traffic, and shipping deadlines, you might be tempted to scrape the bottom of the barrel, at least gift wise. Resist!

Order a giftee a Birchbox subscription instead. I actually tried out Birchbox myself (I became a member so that I could order myself an ongoing subscription. Here's how it works: every month that you pay for (I pay by the month, but you could sign your giftee up for three, six, or even a merry twelve months) your giftee receives a little box filled with beauty samples. It's sort of like getting the Needless Markup's Beauty Event in the mail every month. Now, is every item stellar? Of course not. There's some dogs in there, I won't lie. But, I've also tried some new products and really enjoyed them, plus they're all tiny so they're perfect for travel. Plus, there's something wonderful about getting a mystery package in the mail, and Birchbox ships pretty little boxes with festive tissue. There's nothing not to like about this gift.

Both women's and men's boxes are available, and the boxes range in size and cost; my subscription is just $10 a month. Go to Birchbox and send someone the gift that keeps on coming. It'll make you memorable all year long.

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