Monday, June 17, 2013

An Appealing Little Gift

Any carrot would be delighted to be brutalized by such an attractive peeler.
You have have those times when you just have to show up with something useful and interesting? I'm talking about a functional hostess gift, not a bunch of flowers that wilt and perish, or baked goods that pack on the pounds. You just need a little something that's original.

So look no further than this very pretty veggie peeler from Normann Copenhagen. Yes, a veggie peeler can be pretty, I promise, and it's a most functional summer hostess gift, with all that organic produce flying around. Just look that the open handle design and lovely colors. You're sure to find one to fit any kitchen. The giving of such a gift also signals that you might be of some help in the kitchen, and every hostess can use an extra scullery slave, you know.

These pretty peelers are just $17 each at Gretel Home. Keep a couple hands for one appealing gift.

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