Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yafah Menorah

Rock your candles and spin the dreidel in style.
This year, the festival of lights comes early, say around Turkey Day, so the lighting up and the continuous nights of presents are coming up quickly. And are you and yours prepared with a yafah menorah?

Yafah means beautiful in Hebrew, which is exactly the word to describe this handmade, handcarved, elegant menorah. Made of gorgeous walnut with a classic grain, this menorah would fit in just about any decor (but would truly shine in modernist setting). Created by Portland, OR designer Niles Snyder, this isn't a menorah you'd just pick up at Judiaca For Less. This is a keeper to light up your Chanukah table year after year.

The yafah walnut menorah is $75, a pittance for a potential family heirloom. At Canoe.

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