Monday, October 25, 2010

A Brush With Success

As I have repeatedly stated, this is not a beauty blog. But, if I run across a beauty product that's superior and is therefore gift-worthy, I write about it.

So, take a gander at this Denman brush. My kid has the thickest head of hair ever; when properly brushed she looks like a Breck girl, when tangled saying it's a rat's nest would be kind. We've tried all kinds of brushes. Many, including those super expensive Mason Pearson models with the boar bristles, get an epic fail. These brushes only reach the top layers of hair, smoothing them and disguising the nightmare underneath. By the time the tangles are discovered, the hair's been washed and the tangles are wet, creating a kicking and screaming situation (if you've ever tried to detangle your own hair, you're familiar with the pain). But this Denman brush with plastic bristles, a sturdy handle and a red rubber base, cuts through the static (literally, it's static fighting) and renders even the thickest hair gleaming and smooth, all the way through. No small feat. Another bonus: the base slides off for easy cleaning, because nothing's worse than finding a Sasquatch living in your fancy brush, with no easy way to evict it.

These brushes are under $20, making them an excellent stocking stuffer or part of a beauty basket gift. Find a wide assortment at Ball Beauty. And may you and yours be blessed with successful brushing.

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