Thursday, October 21, 2010

Easy Herb

No, not Herb as in Uncle, but herb as in sage, parsley and mint. Herbs are always a perfect way to add kick to bland cooking, and the Toad is always looking for easy ways to prep them.

Sound lazy? Yeah, well, maybe. Toad has knife skills, but herb chopping is, frankly, a drag. Half the stuff sticks to the cutting board or ends up destroyed by my madly hacking blade. I'm always forgetting to chop them until the last minute, so I do a half-assed job, anyway. Although many would view this Microplane Herb Mill as a silly kitchen unitasker, I beg to differ. Just shove herbs of your choice into the mill, close and twist the top like a pepper mill, and out comes perfectly chopped, not bruised and wounded, herby goodness. Plus, it's made by Microplane, a brand that understands choppage and grateage for sure.

This would make an ideal housewarming or hostess gift. It's just $25 for an item friends and family might actually use and appreciate. Find it at Sur La Table.

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