Thursday, December 9, 2010

Infinite Options for Inspiring Jewelry Makers

Buying gifts for girls seems easy, but it's not. The winds of pre-pubescent trends change daily, so those Silly Bandz or Japanese erasers that were such a hit just months ago are just, like, totally OVER now.

Every girl (and some boys, too) loves to create jewelry. But so often those kits involve string and beads and glittery things, which all involve a certain amount of adult supervision, when really you'd rather be unconscious on the couch in a post-holiday haze. This magnetic jewelry kit is a fabulous solution. Consisting of three cylinders filled with super strong magnets in different shapes, the Klik Klik jewelry kit offers infinite objects of adornment. There's no strings or glue, just the power of magnetic forces and your kid's ingenuity (the kit gives examples of easily fashioned baubles). And when the created masterpiece is no longer treasured, it can be transformed into yet another piece. It's sort of like those beloved Bucky Balls, but with more shapes and many more pieces.

At $75, this is more of a major gift, but it provides so much amusement that it's probably worth the bucks. Find it at Klik Klik Jewelry.

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