Monday, December 27, 2010

Kiss 2010 Goodbye with Fish Eggs!

Yes, caviar on New Year's Eve is a cliche. But cliches are cliches for good reason; sometimes there's impeccable logic behind them. Caviar, with its shady past, salty taste that's not for everyone, and silly price tag, is simply a must on this most overrated of holidays.

The Toad did some online sleuthing, of course. And she discovered that caviar, while easily available via overnight shipping well in time for the holiday, is also ridiculously priced. Ironically, the one source she though would be the priciest, Petrossian, is actually fairly reasonable. And she knows from experience that it's good stuff. Plus, Petrossian is dedicated to sustainable goods, so you can slurp your sturgeon in good conscience.

Prices, of course, vary wildly. The caviar pictured above is $110, but I saw some for as low as $49. You might want to throw in some blinis, too, since they're a pain to make from scratch. And you can forget about all the other so-called toppings, since if they're good eggs, you won't need anything to gild the lily (well, maybe some icy cold vodka shots). Go to Petrossian and check out this true cliche for yourself.

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