Monday, March 28, 2011

Bite Me, Christian Louboutin

It frankly takes quite a lot to work The Toad's ire up over fashion; usually I have a decent sense of humor and just make fun of the offending piece. But what if the designer himself is the offending piece?

I'm talking about shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who makes beautiful but miserably uncomfortable shoes that women often pay upwards of a grand a pair to purchase. In a recent New Yorker magazine profile, Louboutin was quoted as saying "...I hate the idea of comfort..." . He went on from there to describe a woman who was comfortable at home in her clogs as being drunk and puffy. I'd take comfy and a bit puffy any day over hobbling around like a defenseless prey animal (exactly how I feel in his shoes, even his flats). In protest, I present the most fashion forward Jack Purcell sneakers ever, co-designed by the cooler than cool fashion house Comme des Garcons. They're Jack Purcells, so you know you can walk miles in them (and run like a gazelle, too). Plus, that crooked little heart on the side is just the perfect amount of branding; I'll take it over Louboutins blood tinged soles any day.

Find these PLAY Purcells at Nice Kicks. And give Louboutin a protest kick, too.


Matthew said...

I adore these Jack Purcell's. Want, want, want.

Hi Jenny, I came across your blog while perusing "Beyond the Brochure's" online newsletter. I'm really digging it.

Also, I just clicked back to find your post about Susan Arena, and I've become an instant fan. Dark, sweet, moody, potent.

Good stuff. Please keep it coming :).

Matt Steiner
Launch Education Group

Christina Simon said...

Jenny, how did you know my feet are too big for Louboutins? I hate them and they're very expensive.