Monday, March 14, 2011

Daylight Savings is Giving You the Bird

Sigh. How did we get to Daylight Savings again? This switch is utter torture. Losing an hour of the day is just terrible, both for the schedule and the body. And just try blasting a kid out of bed an hour before normal rising.

While an in bed catapult might be appropriate, I simply couldn't find one online. What I did find was the bird. Called the Early Bird alarm clock, this innocuous white timepiece wakes one gradually with cheerful chirps and worm calling. It seems a whole lot more polite than the usual alarms. Perhaps this way, you or your loved one won't be tempted to slam the thing repeatedly against the wall before drifting back into rebellious slumber.

If giving them the bird for daylight savings doesn't work, you could try more aggressive measures. The Clocky from Momastore comes to mind. But try the friendly feathered friend approach first. Check it out at Prank Place today.

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