Friday, April 8, 2011

Not A Typical Pastel Bunny

Easter is coming! And, because I'm a completely non-compliant jew, I love Easter. I can hardly wait to enter See's and buy every chocolate egg and bunny I can find. But what about decor?

Ever since I saw Donnie Darko, I've had a penchant for creepy bunnies. Because bunnies are under rated as powerful animals. Their fluffy softness belies a predilection for kicking the crap out of predators and having urine so powerful it could strip the chrome off a doorknob. I've worked with bunnies, and they're no joke. This ceramic bunny is no exception to this rule. As you can see, although there's pastel color involved (it's available in pink and blue, too), this bunny is black and seems less than mirthful. It's a goth bunny forced into the Easter spirit. And it would look great in the middle of the table on Easter Sunday, mocking the ham.

This bunny is identified as "Sexy Bunny," but I'm not sure that fits, so don't be put off by the moniker. And it's not just for Easter. This sinister rabbit would look good lurking anywhere. At Ten Over Six.

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Christina Simon said...

I would never think YOU would like Easter:) I like the sinister rabbit!