Thursday, April 14, 2011

Support the Circus!

There's a pretty unique opportunity this weekend in Hollywood at Cirque School LA. And it gives hanging around on a Saturday night a whole new meaning.

Around twice a year, Cirque School LA puts together an amazing Student Showcase at its Hollywood airplane hangar like studio. When you hear "student" you might think of someone wobbling about on the trapeze, but many of these students have been practicing circus arts (think trapeze and silks) for years, almost to the point of being pros (I think some of them were pros, actually). This is a full on event, with lights, costumes, music and all the trappings of professionalism. As a devotee of the circus arts (the Toad hangs around on a trapeze roughly three times a week, but sadly can't perform this weekend), the Toad promises this will be a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening. And since the start time is 7:00 and kids under 12 are admitted free, it makes for a lovely family event as well.

Did I mention Cirque School is located in the thick of Thai Town? That means that after ninety minutes of watching death defying feats, you can stroll down to Palms Thai and blow out your taste buds. What an evening! Visit Cirque School to purchase $10 tickets now.