Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For the Spoiled Survivalist

This is definitely the season for camping. Personally, the Toad has little use for sleeping out of doors, preferring a climate controlled terrarium, but she can see the general appeal.

The biggest problem with camping is being prepared. There are fewer and fewer boy and girl scouts these days who are familiar with the skills for tracking trails and making fire. That's why a newfangled and updated gadget like this Eton Raptor is such an ideal gift for the weekend outdoor warrior on your gift list. This handy orange unit (easy to find in a crammed backpack) has the tools necessary for a modern world, like a solar powered cell phone charger, a solar powered radio, NOAA weather alert, compass, altimeter, barometer, bottle opener, digital clock and rechargeable battery. This little machine could literally change your life, although it won't dig you a privy.

Seriously, purchase the Raptor for the guy with dreams of climbing McKinley, and watch his eyes light up. He'll thank you profusely, and you'll bask in the knowledge that you might have contributed to the guy's actual survival. Excellent. At Eton for $130.

1 comment:

Christina Simon said...

I have nightmares about camping! But, if I had to, I'd use this device, for sure.