Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toad's "Best Discount Gift Site" Recommendation

As a nosy amphibious huntress, the Toad loves to source gift items. Give her a laptop and fifteen minutes, and she can find something cool residing online. Writing about it just adds to the fun.

Have this virtual city on your deck for less!
But I have a certain gift sensibility that, bluntly put, doesn't always come cheap. I don't source dreck, and I assume you don't want dreck, either, or you wouldn't read this blog. What everyone does want is good gifts at a discount price, a combo that's becoming more and more ubiquitous on the internet. There's a plethora of "members only" discount sites out there, probably the most famous being Gilt, but I've tracked a number of newer, design oriented sites as well. Keep in mind that the "members only" thing is a joke: everyone gets access, even if it takes a couple of days. At the rate these sites are multiplying, everyone will be able to get a discount on everything all the time, thus changing the pricing permanently. Is it a discount if everyone gets one? I don't know.

What I do know is that Fab.com is a wonderful discount gift site. It features high end design for much lower prices, and while it features its share of heavy hitters, there's some brands which fit nicely into the "inexpensive but wildly cool gift" category. Take, for instance, these Push+Pull planters (from the site Mollaspace) at right. Featured on Fab today, they're selling at a decent discount, and make a perfect summer garden gift. I featured these planters on Toad long ago, so it's a product I recommend, just for less.

Just go to Fab and submit to the members only rigamarole. Then discount shop all the time, along with everyone else.

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Christina Simon said...

Jenny, those planters are the coolest. My kids would love planting them.