Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nails of a Different Color

Even though it still feels like summer, fall is rapidly approaching. One of the easiest ways to make the transition is through nails, as your fashionista friends surely know.

This fall the trend is either toward dark blues and greens (colors which, frankly, only work on 12 year olds and the truly artsy set) or neutral. While I like the concept of neutral nails, it's really difficult to pull off. Go too far in the pink direction and you're headed for My Pretty Princess; go too far in the camel and you might look like a corpse. The concept behind the Hipp RGB collection is that you can find the perfect neutral. Touted more as a foundation for nails (like foundation for faces), RGB gives a palette that might actually work with different skin tones. RGB also offers a fabulous color selection too, all in the sort of glossy colors that manage to avoid sparkle and crayola tones. Of course, RGB is almost impossible to find.

Go to the Ten Over Six site, though, and there's a whole selection. Even online, the colors seem pretty true.  A couple of bottles of this polish (free of all the cancer causing nasties everyone's so worried about) would make a fun gift for someone's digits, for teens and matrons alike.

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