Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Perfect Fall Dress That's WAY Out of Range

I know I'm supposed to stick to a $200 price point here. And normally, I really practice major discipline on this front, ignoring fantastic items too pricey to print here. But today, I fell down on the job.

It's this damn Donna Karan dress. Donna Karan isn't even a brand I like very much, she of the bodysuits (always wondered about major panty lines) and overly draped fabric that might look great on a 6 foot tall giraffe of a model, but will look like a pile of yesterday's dirty laundry on me. Besides, I can't afford Donna, and her dopey yoga esthetic always annoyed me.

But take a look at this dress (and ignore the stick figure wearing it. Some hips would make this dress even better). It's a t-shirt, but a cowl-necked, perfectly draped t-shirt with all these sort of equestrian, sort of bondage straps. It's edgy but not unclassy, could work for a lovely dinner out or for tromping around town in a pair of biker boots. You could soften it up with a cashmere piece on top, or go for totally tough with a tiny leather jacket. In short, this dress fits all my criteria for a perfect Fall item of clothing.  I would wear this, I swear. I know other women who would love it, too.

I guess these other women better be far richer than I, since this dress is a cool $1,200. I know, I'm such a tease. At Shopbop.

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natacha said...

Love the "dress", but gosh, the model must be half dead or something. For the price, it would be nice to see it on a real human.