Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chanukah Dating Aid

Wouldn't you like to find HIM in the stacks?
I know I always go on about "the holidays" every year, but then seem to give Chanukah such short shrift. Well, no more!

Just check out this Nice Jewish Guys 2012 Calendar. It's ideal for just about any Jewish girl, young or old (I bet your grandmother would love one). Each month features, you guessed it, a nice Jewish guy in the environment of his choice. Check out Derek on his mountain bike (is Derek even a Jewish name?). Watch Jordan frolic on the beach in casual whites. Or, enjoy Dan as he cooks up dinner (looks like cutlets to me). These guys are great; there's something here for everyone, from your dateless little sister to your Aunt Naomi to your Cousin Stephen. Trust me on this.

At just $16, you get one whole Chanukah present crossed off your list. What a deal! At Fred Flare.


Christina Simon said...

This is hilarious! Perfect gag gift for somebody...

LCostino said...

THis is so cute! I will pass it on to a couple of friends who will get a kick out of it!