Monday, November 7, 2011

Crayola Opposite

No stuffed cheeks here.
Yes, it's November again, and time for The Toad to begin her annual holiday gift guide. I'm skipping over Thanksgiving entirely this year, as you already know where to buy a big bird, and the only item I could come up with was a gag inflatable turkey, which was kind of gross.

Such glinty colors!
Anyway, what better way to begin the gift guide than with a kid gift? And what kid doesn't like real drawing implements? I'm not talking Crayola here. Crayola is crude and ubiquitous; kids dismember them and grind them into your carpet because they know there's more where that came from. But these Japanese pencils, metallic pens, and erasers are special. They're instant school status and have major trade potential. Plus, have you ever seen such a cute hamster? Hamsters, in real life, eat their young and smell funny, but are just about the cutest things ever as inanimate objects. Buy more than one and keep one to cheer you up.

Find all these riches and much more at Tokyo Pen Shop. Give Hammy a home and banish the crayons.

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