Monday, January 28, 2013

My Silly Valentine: Unicorn Poop

At least these are horn free.
Yes, I know that we all hate Valentine's Day. If you're with someone, it's an obligatory drag. If you're solo, it's simply a humiliation of a holiday. But this is a gift site, damn it, and I'm basically required by the laws of all that is retail to cover V-Day in detail (notice: it rhymes).

Many of us are easy and can be placated with a ridiculously enormous box of See's Candy (just skip those creepy fruit ones and the divinity, please). But what about humor and a few less fat grams? What do you give for a good giggle or two? How about Unicorn Poop Cookies? These cookies, with their rainbow bright hues, celestial sprinkles, and curiously reminiscent shape, could indeed be the, ahem, excretions of a unicorn. If such a creature existed. (An aside: at circus class, we call a straight male who takes class a "unicorn," because he's as rare as one). This very childish and silly gift is entirely appropriate for a child, or a very immature adult. And, on the plus side, I bet they're calorie free because they probably taste like poop, too (or at least like pure artificial food coloring, which is pretty much the same thing).

These cookies can be purchased for $25 at Fab. Alternatively, you could also look up the recipe, buy a load of carcinogenic coloring, and make your own. Your call.

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