Wednesday, January 30, 2013

V-Day Cat Nap Fever

Face it: the cat already hogs the bed, so it might as well take the pillows, too.
Yes, again with the Valentine's Day recommendations. Because there's no other holidays on the horizon worth discussing. And, although today's gift pick is ideal as a "couples" V-Day offering, it could just as easily be ideal for the crazy cat person.

The world is actually pretty rife with "his and hers" pillowcases, etc (also, in the spirit of political correctness: "his and his," and "hers and hers"). But these are more in line with the idea that you really share your sleeping space with a feline. That's right: two pillowcases with abstract kitty heads and ears on them. Because, if you have a cat or two, you already know that they consider everything in the house to be theirs and theirs alone. Including both pillows. One could argue that this is really a V-Day gift for the cat.

Anyway, these cases are cute, and they're 300 thread count pima cotton, which is nice for kitties and humans alike. And, they're just $32 on Etsy. That's a bargain for nice linens, and a gift that'll greatly outlast a bunch of posies.

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