Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Father Rabbit for Your Bunny Rabbit

This is no runaway bunny.
You know why decorating a toddler's room is tough? It's tough because they have no real preferences yet, there's all this pressure not to succumb to gender specific decor, and you don't want a bunch of clashing colors and plastic dreck. It's hard, I tell you.

That's why, when I spotted this Rabbit duvet cover at New Zealand store Father Rabbit, I breathed a sigh of relief. Just look at this simple, lovely graphic. Illustrated by textile designer Angela McKay, this black and white bunny goes with everything. There's something particularly winsome about the one droopy ear. It would look so cute in a simple kid's room, maybe with a bright mobile hanging from the ceiling.

On the downside? Ok, it's white, and one bout of stomach flu might doom it forever. Still, so cute. At Father Rabbit.

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