Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Something for Your Dirty Laundry from Mr. and Mrs. P

These will make even your laundry look cleaner.
I'm not much of a DIY homemaker type. I like to cook, and will clean and neaten, but I've never gone in for that sort of homesteader chic that's been so popular. Mason jars filled with salad? Homemade overly hoppy beer? Sage smudging? Not my thing.

I do, however, like these paint dipped clothespins by Mr. and Mrs. P. I like the simple, clean design of clothespins generally, and they are often useful for sorting things, sealing bags of errant chips, and even hanging soggy suits and lingerie. The fact that these clothespins are fashionably color dipped just adds to the excellent design factor. Plus, if you have a sort of DIY crunchy, crafty friend, a little set of these suckers might be the perfect little gift.

At $4 for two, you can afford to buy an assortment. So hang it all out to dry at Mr. and Mrs. P's.

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