Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grooming Gift

Weather is finally getting warm, and with it comes, at least in L.A., flip flops and disgraceful feet. You know what I'm talking about: horny toenails left too long in socks, then clipped to ribbons with one of those drugstore clippers that leaves sharp, possibly lethal nail shards all over the floor.

Sounds gross? It is! That's why I've tracked down this excellent grooming aid for the man in your life. There's precious little for the average man to do to himself to look acceptable in public, so spending a bit on tools shouldn't be an issue. This Klhip nail clipper is such a tool. Between its ergonomic design and super sharp cutting surface, this Klhip cuts nails clean through (which is good, because you know damn well the man isn't going to file after clipping, resulting in ragged edges which can cut you to ribbons). An added plus to the Klhip is the manufacturer's claim that the clippings stay in the clipper instead of shooting everywhere. This is grooming technology The Toad can wholeheartedly support.

The Klhip isn't cheap: about $80. But, since it's one of the few grooming tools most men use on a regular basis, and it's a gadget, it should hold lasting appeal (translated: he might not lose it). At Klhip.

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