Thursday, May 5, 2011

You Better Remember Mama

Because of my first ever fabulous Mother's Day Giveaway, I couldn't post constant Mother's Day gift recommendations. So, I'm sort of cramming them in now before the buzzer goes off on Sunday and we're all officially Bad Children. You might have to visit the stores to buy the gifts, or opt for 24 hour shipping, and I'm awfully sorry about that. You could, also, just send an incredible card and then have the gift show up a bit later. 'Cause let's face it: any gift, even a belated one, is better than none at all.

The Emergency Mother's Day List

You know Mom needs coffee. And if she doesn't need coffee, she probably needs tea. This ingenious french press serves up both beverages (not simultaneously, mind you; I never said it was magic). And for under $40, you can include the coffee or tea of your choice in the bargain. At A+R.

This is for the Mom who doesn't take her beauty routine too seriously. This taco cosmetics bag totes extra lip gloss and sunscreen just as well as a ziplock, but with a bit more humor. Plus, it reminds Mom that she really values a little junk food more than skin food. Did I mention it's $16? At Fred Flare.

Is your Mom into medication? In this day and age, it's not such a naughty question. If so, she might as well store them in style with Jonathan Adler's irreverent Medicine Chest. At Jonathan Adler.

Flowers are the old standby, and lord knows they'll suffice. But a flowering plant lasts, reminding your mother of your lifelong love and devotion, instead of dying (thus just reminding her that she won't get this much attention again until next year). Try an orchid plant. They're easy to care for and absolutely gorgeous, and at $95, cost less than many soon to be dead flower arrangements. At Orchid Wrangler (sorry, LA only).

What about sending Mom off to a hot, soothing bath? If your mom likes to kanoodle in the tub, I think Laura Mercier products should accompany her. I'm really fussy about scents, but I've liked all of Mercier's bath product scent choices, from the classic Creme Brulee to the new Creme de Pistache. They smell yummy. So yummy. At Sephora.

So, speaking of yummy, how about chocolate? Unless Mom is constantly on a diet or is just food phobic, chocolate is a great choice (hey, they say it even has health benefits). This truffle assortment from L.A.'s own Compartes Chocolatier is certainly impressive (sooo pretty), and probably tastes good, too. Maybe she could devour them while lounging in the bath. At Compartes.

Even if these exact picks aren't quite working for you and your Mama, all these sites have many wonderful choices. Just make sure you do remember Mama.

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Christina Simon said...

Happy Mother's Day! I LOVE that Jonathan Adler pill box!