Monday, May 16, 2011

Manly Accessory

Upon review, I realized that I've really fallen down on the job scouting gifts for men. After all, men need gifts, too. And they're often notoriously difficult to shop for.

Perhaps the reason is that men, generally, don't want exciting or trendy or current. They just want stuff that works. Or electronics (which should also work). So I went out and found this wallet. Exciting? Well, maybe not. But it's so practical and sturdy. Made of ultra-soft yet tough leather, this zipper wallet by MAKR holds not just cash and cards, but an iPhone as well. This is good design, made by a small company in Florida that carefully sources materials. And while it's priced at $125, that's a pittance for an accessory the guy will use every single day (and way cheaper than those fancy designer twee wallets).

Find this most current and manly wallet at Thaylor, for cash and carry.

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Christina Simon said...

Aren't men impossible to shop for? I got my husband some sunglasses for his birthday that a. he hasn't lost and b. he likes. A miracle!!