Monday, January 9, 2012

V-Day for Snap Happy

It's pretty convincing, isn't it?
As a gift blogger, I'm required by some sort of unwritten retail law to promote Valentine's Day gifts. Not because it's such a great holiday (honestly, it leads to more pressure and disappointment, for the attached and unattached alike, than virtually any other holiday), but because it's at least an opportunity to promote creative gifts.

So yes, this is a travel coffee mug. But, it's a travel coffee mug that perfectly replicates a 1.1 Nikon lens. For camera junkies, this is pretty nifty. And, although I know women who love cameras, I know way more men into the gear. I also know plenty of men who are into their coffee. Thus, this is a good and useful V-Day gift for the man (or men) in your life. If they like cameras. If they don't, don't worry: The Toad has lots more geeky V-Day gifts on the blog docket.

This lovely gift is just 30 bucks on Amazon. Yes, that's more than a card; I told you this was an obligatory holiday, didn't I?

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