Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's Day for Your Real Best Friend

I know that V-Day is supposed to be about love, specifically between two people of the human species, but I take a bit of umbrage with that assumption. Because, if you're really honest about an ideal "mate," it would be an entity that doesn't care if you clean the house, doesn't mind some shaky personal hygiene, certainly doesn't care about how you dress, and will always let you have control of the remote. This is a tall order, and only your dog fills it (I'm excluding cats because I'm convinced they make subtle fashion judgments, and because they are anti-literacy, always lying upon whatever you're trying to read).

Waiting for Breakfast in Bed
So, why not give your real best friend something excellent to chew on? I'm talking about fresh meals from the dog food company, Hound's Tooth Cuisine. Each meal is individually packaged and is the perfect amount for your dog, whether teacup poodle or mighty mastiff. They even come with calorie counts for heftier models. And you can choose from exciting varieties like Surf and Turf, Sunday Afternoon Picnic, or (perfect for Valentine's Day) Breakfast in Bed. Every meal is full of meat, veggies, and grains, all guaranteed to make your canine's eyes water in anticipation. Plus, the packaging is compostable, and the nutrition is totally sound.

Hound's Tooth Cuisine has gift certificates available, so you can "gift" a doggie loving friend with some premium dog grub. Or, order some for your own "real" best friend. It'll be the most satisfying V-Day gift you give or receive this year. At Hound's Tooth Cuisine.

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