Friday, December 5, 2008

Animalistic Drinking Tendencies

It's definitely the drinking time of year.  And while many go for the civilized glass of wine or elegant cocktail, there are those who like their poison in one shot.  This is the gift for them.

Going on the animal trophy theme so popular for a few years, these shot glasses serve two purposes.  Upside down, they look like miniature pewter trophy heads.  Right side up, they rest on their heads and function as fabulously dark and dangerous deliverers of magic elixer (drinker's choice, of course).

The great thing is, these glasses look fabulous single or in multiples, so you can spend just a little ($36/each) or more.  Choose from an assortment of woodland creatures ranging from the typical (stag or moose) to the more exotic (an outraged rhino).  

Look up these pewter beauties at  As a popular gift, it's a sure shot.

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