Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baaaaaaa Humbugs

So it's Christmas Eve-- the zero hour and you're behind.  It's still not too late to give the gift that really will keep on giving.

Gift your yet-to-be-gifted with an e-card and donation from Heifer International.  This excellent non-profit organization gives milk, meat, and wool producing animals to very poor families in third world countries.  The result?  Through production of said milk, meat, and wool, the families earn extra income and nutrition, becoming self-sufficient in the process.

And, it's economical, too.  Heifer gives you tons of choices.  Give a flock of ducks or geese for 20 bucks.  Thirty smackers buys a hive of honeybees (the honey's great for the family, and the bees are just great for the environment).  Or, you can be a big spender and give a goat, a pig, and even a water buffalo.

This is a truly wonderful method of introducing the idea of charitable giving to children in a way they'll understand.  Heifer International sends them an animated card explaining what their gift does for families around the world, and you get to explain the importance of helping people everywhere.

Go to for more information.  It's a way to give a gift with real staying power.

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