Sunday, December 28, 2008


It's such a cliche: everyone toasts the new year with champagne.  All those fizzy bubbles heading straight up your nose, the silly glass, the instant headache (and you're not even hungover yet). There must be some relief.

How about tequila?  And we're not talking that poison yellow Cuervo crud, either.  Present your New Year's Eve host or hostess with a bottle of Corvo Silver tequila.  First off, it's an excellent "sipping" tequila, so you don't have to worry about shots and salt and limes to suck.  Second, have you ever seen a prettier bottle? Seriously, it looks like a lovely New Year's ice sculpture.  So stylish on a bar.

It's available at fine liquor stores everywhere, for around fifty bucks (just try getting a decent bottle of bubbly for that price).  You can also order online at

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