Friday, January 2, 2009

Metabolic Jump Start

You always have that one friend who makes a New Year's resolution.  It's always the same, too: lose the weight and get in shape.  This, usually said either in a bar after slamming nine Pink Squirrels or at an Eggs Benedict brunch.

Well, take them up on their little jump start plan with some irony.  Send them some food with enough chile power to jump start their metabolism into hyper space.  Start with habanero strewn Howlin' Hot Sauce, then proceed to Pig Boy Willy's Red Chile Carne Adovada Mix, jars of both Red and Green Chile sauce, and a little Chile Peanut Butter for those post-workout snacks.  

Yes, it all sounds counter-productive, but have you ever been to New Mexico?  Those people eat this stuff all day long, are thin, and exercise plenty to counteract the chile burn.  They're onto something, so you might as well exploit their methods for your friend's end.

All these incendiary products are waiting for you at  Order some and get them to feel the burn, literally.

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