Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plant Medic

We've all heard about the benefits of houseplants.  They clean the air.  They enliven our space. They subtly remind us that once, eons ago, we actually lived amongst them.  But, we also all know someone who, well meaning though they might be, still manages to slaughter every green thing that enters their living space.

Well, no more.  Meet the self-watering planter.  This slightly modernist (but ultimately style flexible) planter protects tender green things from a grisly under or overwatering death.  Just hand your black thumbed friend an already planted specimen in this planter (for god's sake, don't let them do the transplanting), follow the planter's clear instructions, and wait for it to bloom and grow.

You can find these green saviors at www.feelmorehuman.com.  It makes being green just a little easier for humans and plants alike.

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