Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looks Good Enough to Eat

Yes, they certainly do.  But don't try it or you'll get a mouth full of wax.  Obviously I have sweets on the brain this week, but these candles look so yummy, and are perfect as decoration at a child's elegant birthday party (meaning under the age of two, while the kid still has no idea what's going on and the party's really for the adults).

These candles are flaming representations of a little-known French confection called a Point a la Ligne Religieuse.  Basically, it's just a fancy name for a stacked cream puff.  But, since shipping a cream puff from the EU isn't a possibility (just ponder the food poisoning possibilities), this is as close as anyone in the US is going to get.

At just 4 bucks a pop, they'll definitely add some sweet and affordable atmosphere to a party table.  Order them at  But whatever happens, don't let the kids take a nibble.

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