Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nifty Night Light

Every kid goes through it.  One night they're sleeping just fine in what amounts to a coal mine, the next night they're suddenly afraid of the dark.  Obviously, a night light is in order.

There's no shortage of night lights available.  Most are ugly, incandescent things.  But this one is different.  These hangable LED lights are available in different animal shapes and sizes.  They shine a comforting glow in various colors (essentially, mood lighting for the paranoid tot).  And they actually add to the room's decor and theme (especially if the child is into animals. Or, as shown in the picture at right, if the kid's a republican).

Elephants, fish, butterflies and horses all add up to not just a light source, but a nocturnal friend and dream guide.  They'll keep those monsters at bay. Check them out in all their shining glory at

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