Monday, January 12, 2009

Silver Spoon?

Actually, this child gift (that'll really charm the all-important adults) is way way cooler than any silver spoon. After all, how many kids have their very own genuine mid-century modern ceramic plate set?  

This colorful yet understated set is by the famed company, Heath Ceramics.  Heath is one of the only original mid-century modern ceramics companies left. Started in 1948 in Sausalito, California, this company and its superior products have remained remarkably true to its original mission.  These are beautiful plates and accessories, and now they've produced a kids' version of the grown-up tableware, just to get the fashionable tots hooked on the real McCoy early.

One warning: these are not plates for kids who view their dinnerware as flying saucers.  This is heavy duty stuff, meant to last a lifetime, and getting conked in the head with it might require a trip to the ER.  

All of Heath's products are available online at

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