Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Please Make a Note Of It

It's great to give.  It's great to receive.  But it's sure a bummer to have to acknowledge.  Such a bummer, in fact, that most of us fall short, meaning to write the blasted thank you note but never getting around to it.

I'd like to say there's some service you could hire for your well-meaning but manners-negligent friends, but alas, I've yet to discover it.  The best I can offer are notecards so evocative and insistent in their design, they literally compel thank you note composition.

These cards look exactly like the notebook paper you used in school: no nonsense, orderly, and demanding that each line be filled (and filled neatly, mind you).  It's like having some strict schoolteacher perched on the side of the desk, explaining the pitfalls of procrastination and poor manners.

Locate these autocratic thank you notes at www.sugarpaper.com.  

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