Monday, January 19, 2009

Recipe Rolodex

In this incredible modern age, all the desperate housewives (and househusbands) you know can just hop online for recipes when there's a dinner emergency.  It may be convenient, but between typing, scrolling and printing, it feels more like office work.

Give your reluctant cook a culinary blast from the past.  That old classic, The Betty Crocker Cookbook, is now available in card format.  Resting in its neat retro box, these cards offer all the old classics, from mac n' cheese in myriad forms to the best cakes and cookies their grandma never made.  It even gives tips for cocktail snacks (the Flaming Cabbage, complete with Vienna sausages for searing, is one of my personal favs).  And it offers all the cholesterol of Paula Deen without the hyena laughter.  Take that, Food Network.

You can locate this miraculous recipe file at  And as a thank you, make them bake you a cake.

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