Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Office Time Cubed

Yes,  you have a disgruntled friend who works in an office, lives day in and day out in a cube inside said office, and is on the verge of suicide now that the holidays are behind us (no office parties, no more time off, no more free booze).

Help them save themselves!  Distraction is key in repelling the office winter blues, and these little desk cubes might be the answer to what ails them.  What are they?  Not quite sure, although I'm sure your desperate friend could find dozens of uses for them, from using them as paperweights to building that stairway to Shangri-La.  Whatever their use, these metal cubes look official enough for a professional setting, while supplying minutes to hours of soul healing cube construction time.

Offer your friend relief at www.mothology.com.  It'll stack their odds of surviving the winter season well in their favor.

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