Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now Featuring Fairy Attractions

If you're ever within shouting distance of a little girl, you already know that fairies are all the rage.  Flower Fairies, Gnomes (ok, technically not a fairy, but still classified as a magical creature), and even that snot Tinkerbell all get top billing these days.

And, as I was informed by a seven year old Fairy Authority, fairies love gardens and flock to them in vast numbers... but only if the proper Fairy Attractions are in place.  

So what are Fairy Attractions?  Some are simple, like shiny rocks and crystals tucked in amongst your roses.  But some are more complicated.  Take this lovely Elfin Door, for instance. Difficult to make, insanely easy to purchase, and it also comes in a Toadstool edition (I don't know, maybe to attract trolls or something).

So give that little girl's garden a lily gilding and give her the proper Fairy Attractions.  Visit for Fairy Loot.

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