Friday, December 19, 2008

Take This Bag Advice

So I'd kind of sworn I was going to avoid the ubiquitous canvas bags that are so popular for environmental reasons.  You know, all those bags with their self-righteous "I am not a plastic bag" proclamations (often seen in malls stuffed full of plastic junk doomed for the landfill; at least it's all being carried in a politically correct fashion).

I do, however, like these canvas bags.  Emblazoned with a city map of your choice, the bag either proclaims a serious case of tourista or a definite amount of hometown pride.  Either is superior to the "who's the greenest of them all" contest.

Choose from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Chicago.  They're only $15, so they're great for a stand alone gift or one stuffed full of biodegradable products.  Or, stuffed full of cans of hairspray and oven cleaner.  Your choice.

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