Monday, July 19, 2010

And Don't Call Me Fanny

Everyone and their mother is either going on vacation or getting ready to depart. A bon voyage gift is always welcome. And while this might not be the ideal travel gift for the fashionista in your orbit, in terms of practicality it works for virtually everyone else.

I'm talking about the dreaded fanny pack. Oh, I'm sorry, we don't call them fanny anymore; now we call them hip packs. Whatever. A fanny pack by any other name can still carry all the money, id, and sunscreen sojourners will ever require. And this hip pack completely fits the bill. Made by those rugged individualists at Patagonia, this model is simple, compact, water-resistant, and completely functional. It'll hold stuff, it'll hold it either fastened around the (ahem, we're not fooling anyone here) hip or shoulder slung. And it's small enough to squish into carry-on luggage. Fine, it's not pretty. But it's only forty bucks!

Find Ms. Hipster at Altrec. And give your fellow traveler some hands-free tourism.