Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For the Budding Architect

Out of all the toys available to kids, blocks have always been a big favorite. There's something so satisfying, even primal, about watching a toddler build with a block set.

These Multiblocks are yet another example of great block design. Rather than muddling up the construction works with small and useless shapes like triangles and spheres, these blocks come in four different lengths instead. This makes taller, larger scale building a possibility. Watch the kid summon his or her own Sears Tower genius: the world's tallest block structure, sans retro-fitting for easy demolition at bedtime. They come 48 blocks to a set, and they're not unsightly plastic dreck, so you won't mind having them in the living room. Plus, the increment marks and numbers on each piece are nice (and practical) touch.

One set of Multiblocks makes a lovely baby or one year gift. Found only at Uncommon Goods. Check them out. With these in your home, you might even be tempted to do your own Bob the Builder imitation.

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