Thursday, July 1, 2010

Takashimaya RIP

Well, another revered store bites the dust. Takashimaya, the emperor of the understated department store, shut their doors last week in Manhattan.

Takashimaya was a sort of shopping oasis in the over stimulating hell that is New York City shopping. After hours spent trudging in cold, wind, or shirt soaking humidity, the extended hush of the multi-floored curated department store was a welcome relief. The air conditioning always worked, the sales people so discreet they were practically invisible. You could always find an interesting item, from cufflinks made from antique watch parts to obscure Japanese cosmetics, and not all of it was very expensive. There was tea and very civilized small cookies of good fortune in the basement. And the store boasted the best public bathroom in the city.

We will miss you, Takashimaya. Even if Lainie found it unnervingly quiet and yelled in there just to hear another human being.