Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lost & Found Now Found Online!

Finally, finally, finally Lost & Found ownerJamie Rosenthal put up a web site. For those not in the know, Lost & Found is a string of stores on Yucca in the middle of Hollywood. It's considered one of the most awesome places to shop, but the lack of online access was a negative. Until now.

Ranging from decorative arts and modernist tabletop offerings to some of the best children's clothing anywhere to hard to find accessories for both genders, Lost & Found is a kind of emporium for good taste. A gift from these shops, dressed in colorful tissue and grosgrain ribbon, is always a welcome sight (because the gift will always deliver the goods). Think about it: Lost & Found is crammed full of bags from Sissi Rossi and Il Bisonte (cult brands which are very difficult to find), scarves from wonderful Indian and European sources, jewelry made by local artisans, and a pretty kick ass selection of Missoni home products (these don't seem to be on the website, but you could always call and inquire). Not to mention the incredibly understated and classy clothing that's just so Eastside in its casual elegant sensibility.

Lost & Found isn't flashy, it's enduring. Check it out online here. Especially the kids section for age appropriate clothes for little people.

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