Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Energy Efficient Valet Service

Every time I glance around the Toad Abode, I spot more and more electronic devices, all hungrily whining for power. I would never disparage the devices themselves; what would any of us do without texting, Facebook on the go and a rousing session of Angry Birds?

However, all the way along the environmentally inclined (if you're not one of these, you at least try to look perturbed and concerned when the subject arises) has raved about "vampire power" involved in feeding all these handy devices their daily wattage. Most charging devices don't really solve the problem of passive power suckage. Until now. Meet the Belkin Conserve Valet charger. This unassuming device fits up to four of your hungry toys for charging. Once satiated, the Valet turns everything off, including the dreaded "vampire power." A good idea, no?

Given that there's a spate of summer birthdays and many are gifted iPhones, iPads, and other intelligent time wasters, the Conserve Valet would be an excellent gift. And at just $40, it conserves the cash in your pocket, too. Find it at Belkin.